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Action Figures

Why should I buy or let my child play with action figures?

  1. Encourage imagination and creativity: they can be used to create stories and scenarios that can help develop a child’s imagination and creativity.

  2. Promote social skills: Playing with action figures can encourage children to interact with others, sharing their ideas and working together.

  3. Develop fine motor skills: they can help children develop their fine motor skills as they manipulate and position the figures.

  4. Provide entertainment: they can provide hours of entertainment for children and give parents some peace and quiet.

  5. Collecting: Some children enjoy collecting action figures as a hobby, which can lead to a lifelong passion for collecting and appreciation for different types of figures.

  6. Educational purposes: Some action figures can teach children about history, mythology, or science, making learning fun and engaging.

Ultimately, the decision to buy action figures for your kids depends on your personal beliefs and parenting style.

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Here is our collection of Canadian websites selling action figures:

  • Best Buy
    You will find lots of brands like Marvel, Mattel, GI Joe,  DC and Transformers.+


  • Poshmark
    Great place to buy or sell used toys


  • CMD Store
    You will find lots of brands such as DC, GI Joe, Marvel Legendds, Pop, Star Wars, and Transformers.